Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Daddy (and Mommy too!)

Happy Birthday Daddy! Mommy said we could make you a cake! We wanted to make 2 cakes, since it's Mommy's birthday too but she said we couldn't because she didn't want the house to be condemned... whatever that means.

Look Daddy, it's your favorite- chocolate!

Mommy said not to touch this, but I just can't resist! She'll never notice.

No Mommy, of course I didn't touch the mixer. Why do you ask?

Baking is so much fun!

And now for our silly faces....

Work it for the camera, babies.

Why yes, Ernie, this cake is quite delightful! It has a delicate crumb, airy texture, and a rich, yet not overpowering chocolate essence.

Hey, if Ernie passes out can I have his cake?

Dude- I was totally kidding about the cake. Chill.

Birthday Family Picture!