Friday, December 26, 2008

I be two!

Hi everybody- it's me, Meghan! In case you didn't know, I'm 2 now. Actually, you probably didn't know because my Mommy is like soooo slooooow about updating this blog. I mean really- it's not like she has that many other things to do and I never whine, complain, or want to be picked up 47,000 times a day or anything. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and take over this blog myself. It helps that my Uncle John and Auntie Kim got me this lap top. Now I just grab my sippy cup and head down to Starbucks for free wi-fi.

Look at me hard at work.

So let me give you all the dish on my party. Listen people, you won't get this scoop on TMZ or E online- only right here!

So first things first- the dress. So I'm like walking the red carpet here and everyone is snapping pics and yelling, "Meghan, look over here!", "Smile pretty", "Who are you wearing?", and "Put your dress down like a lady!" just like I was Britney Spears or something! Oh I love the limelight!

The dress is from the Nonna Collection at Kohls- it's Fab-u-lous!

So moving on to presents- I got the chicest little leopard ensemble from Aunti Carrie and Uncle Keith (surprise!). Of course I had to put the hat on right away.
Check me out- I look fierce! Ree-ow!

And check out my lellow umbrella from Kathy (my Uncle Mark's girlfriend). She understands that a lady must always be properly accessorized!

My favorite daycare teacher, Miss Amy, came to my party too. I love her so much!

Okay, enough love people- we all know birthday parties are about the cake!

Here I am waiting for the masses to sing to me, Queen Meghan, on my special day. My Momma made me the cake and cupcakes because she loves me and wanted me to have a special birthday, not because she was over-compensating for working full time and having mommy-guilt issues. Plus, we all know my Momma loves her some cake. Seriously Mom- put the cupcake down until after the singing is over.
Let's see the cake and cupcakes again, shall we.

Alright Momma, you can sit down and stop threatening Martha Stewart now- the cupcakes are awesome, but she's really not afraid of you. Besides, aren't those 'Ocean Breeze' tealight candles on top of my cake because you forgot to buy birthday candles????

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Hey look everybody- it's Bert and Ernie!

Hahahahahaha!!! I'm so funny, aren't I Elmo?

Because I have so many adoring fans, one party just wasn't enough. I mean seriously- you wouldn't expect Suri Cruise or those goofy looking Dragon Tails (Lopez) twins to have only one party, would you?

Of course not! So here's my Second birthday party- Chicago style!

This time I had a Dora cake and real birthday candles. (Are you taking notes, Mom? That's b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y c-a-n-d-l-e-s)

My Chicago peeps love me- here I am hanging with my cousin Alyssa.
And my crazy Tia Norma!

And Uncle John too- I mean seriously, these people can't get enough of me!
So that's the scoop from my party. I hope you enjoyed it. I know you want more, but I can't stay here and blog all day, people- I'm two now! I have big important things to do, like go pee-pee in the potty and throw some screaming fits.
See you later alligators!
Love, Meghan


Puppyface Creations said...

Meggie is brilliantly clever! I guess she gets all that talent from her Momma, who makes the most FABULOUS cake and cupcakes.Who needs Birthday Candles with all that Glamour? Too-oo-oo-oo CUTE!!!!!!
Love, Love, Love,
Nonna and Papa and Sabah too!

Christie said...

Meghan - your mom did such an awesome job on your birthday cake and cupcakes! Tell her Christie was thoroughly impressed!

Happy Birthday Meghan!

Lisa said...

My momma says thanks guys!