Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meghan's First (and hopefully last) Stitches

Here's one of those baby/childhood milestones they don't tell you about in the books... Meghan had her first stitches on January 18th. I was hoping that this was one of those things we could put off until she was about 9 or 10 years old, but it seems that Miss Meghan is ahead of the curve on this one. What happened, you ask? Well, she was walking. On a flat, level surface that was (miraculously) free of toys. Then she tripped and hit her head on a corner of the wall, busting open a nice gash on her forehead. So now my poor child, who had already inherited her momma's pigeon-toed clumsiness, will now have her momma's misshapen, lumpy, injury prone forehead to match. Oh, and when it happened she was within my arm's reach- I was fast enough to keep her from hitting the floor, but not fast enough to keep her head from hitting the wall. Can I have a side of mommy guilt with that order of stitches, please? Thanks.

But let me tell you, our girl was a trooper! She sang her ABCs all the way to the ER (which gave mommy much reassurance that her little brain was okay). Then once in the ER she was running around, climbing all over the place, and doing her best to injure herself again and give mommy a heart attack. She was given some drugs to mellow her out before they stitched her up (and you haven't seen funny until you've seen a 2 year old 'drunk'!). Miss Meghan then proceeded to have several inebriated phone conversations with Papa- "Hello Papa. How yooou? Good? Okay, bye! Hello Papa. How yooou??? Good? Okay, bye!".
So, 5 stitches later, Miss Meghan is now well on her way to recovery. Hopefully she won't be left with a Harry Potter-esque scar on her forehead- but if that's the case, oh well. Bangs are so in this year!
Say cheese Meghan! Momma needs to blog about your childhood head trauma!
Barbie band-aids and bangs are emerging as 2009's big trends! Note, even the dolly is wearing it!

And of course our animal friends needed band-aids for their boo-boos too...

There is a boo-boo epidemic in St. Louis! Page Dr. Ross to the ER STAT!

No, I did not stage these pictures for the blog (although I think it would be funny if I had).


Puppyface Creations said...

That's the funniest non-funny thing I've ever seen happen! The photos are awesome! Hugs and kisses from Nonna and Papa, who says "Meghan can Drunk Dial me anytime."

Love to ALL you guys!

Trish said...

hahaha.. drunk Meghan. ALMOST worth the stitchs. ;)